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Mark Ethell

"Dr Jennie Stewart knows all about the nutrition of horses having worked in numerous countries across the globe. I suspect that what Jennie doesn't know about feeding horses is not worth knowing!" All the best...

Mark Ethell BVSc MVetClinStud MACVSc FACBS Diplomate ACVS MAICD


Michael Kent

Advances in equine nutrition over the past couple of decades have had a major impact on the thoroughbred racing industry by levelling the playing field between trainers. These days, everyone has access to superior feed that better meets the nutritional needs of racehorses at various stages of their racing careers. Dr Jennifer Stewart has been one of most influential people behind this important advance. I’ve been consulting with Jennie on nutritional matters for more than 25 years already and, in my experience, her knowledge of the field is unsurpassed. Moreover, Jennie is always at the forefront of any new developments in equine nutrition.

T: 03 5995 5888|  E:


Dr Oliver Liyou

I have known Dr Stewart for nearly two decades, and have always had the highest level of respect for her knowledge, integrity and desire to help horses. Her qualities are so needed in a time of unparalleled amount of marketing of various overpriced snakes oils, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals available to horse owners. I personally know dozens of equine vets who use on their own horses and recommend Dr Stewart's two products Calsorb and Bone Formula. These products are of the highest quality and will be a massive help to horses grazing oxalate pastures such as kikuyu, setaria and buffel grass. Along with helping the calcium problems, these products help bridge the gap when horses graze on soils on the east coast that are commonly deficient in other minerals. The widespread use of these two great products is helping to treat and prevent the many thousands of horses who suffer the chronic bone and join pain, not to mention spontaneous bone fractures associated with nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism (also known as "Bran Disease or Big Head"). It should be noted that the bony swellings of the head known as "Big Head" are the end stage of this insidious disease, and horses who show these signs will already be feeling bone and joint pain, leading to stiffness, lameness, sore backs and poor performance. Dr Stewart is on of the most intelligent equine veterinarians in this country, and to have her working on helping us to feed our horses is a blessing to us all!

Dr Oliver Liyou BVSc (Hons1) MACVSc (Eq Dent)


Dr Shannon Lee

Dr Jennifer Stewart and Calsorb represent the best that veterinary science has to offer horse owners. Dr Stewart is one of the most intelligent, articulate and dedicated veterinarians I know, and it is her desire to see better care, information and products available to help horses that has led to Calsorb. Anyone with concerns about Calcium in their horses diet and nutritional management should be talking to Jenny, and if she recommends it ... use Calsorb.

Clinical Consultant, Advanced Equine Dentistry, 0418 598 621



Happy Horse Owners

I had a Arab gelding who had gotten Big Head before I got him and only found out when we had his teeth done two weeks after her arrived. He was on DCP when we got him. I started him on Bone Formula as soon as he arrived as we had some oxalate pasture. He had signs of the disease on his jaw where it had thickened and was having trouble chewing. We were told to give him three weeks off and go from there as we weren't sure how weak his bones were. Three months on Bone Formula and there was a massive improvement, his jaw was still thickened but had gone down and he was able to chew properly and be ridden with no issues. It was amazing to see how he improved. Thankfully we caught it in time thanks to our vet and he guided us through the whole thing.

Billie Sales, Imbil QLD


My 16 year old TB x ASH was diagnosed with Big Head in February this year after he was in so much pain he could not walk! I was told about Bone Formula by a chiropractor but was also told by many others that dolomite and lime would do the same thing. Not wanting to take any chances, I started him on Bone Formula straight away. It was very scary to hear from your vet that there is no guarantees your horse will be okay again. Though after having 8 months off I can happily say he is as agile and happy as he has ever been! I can not thank you and recommend your product enough! Thank you!

Maddie, Ballina NSW


Purchased from a dogger in 2012 Chief went straight on to bone formula as all my horses do. I swear by this product for its effectiveness and economical value. This product was developed after an incredible amount of research and I trust my babies lives with it for Bighead prevention and repair. I give it 5 stars in all departments.

Shell Thompson, Emerald QLD


Maureen Walker

I have known Dr Jennifer Stewart for many years and admire her knowledge, industry and integrity.  She has that rare combination of practical expertise and theoretical knowledge.  She has an answer for all my queries, especially in the field of nutrition for our Marena Stud breeding programme and our team of show horses. We moved to Wyong onto kikuyu pastures; after a couple seasons faults began to appear in our paddock horses.  Foals born with beautiful heads developed plain heads as they matured.  Valuable broodmares developed lameness, sore joints and their lifespan was shortened.  I concluded that the problem was nutrition not heredity.  I turned to Jenny for help.  The Calsorb Block she developed for use in the paddock was a lifesaver that turned this problem around.   Bone Formula powder is added to the diet of all our horses in hard feed.  We happily recommend these feeding additives to all horse owners.

Maureen Walker
Marena Stud and Riding Academy


Brett Jones

I have known and worked with Jenny since starting practice on the coast in 1994. Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (Bighead) is a common condition on the central coast, and there is no doubt a large population of horses that have the condition in a subclinical form. Often by the time the condition becomes obvious it can be hard to turn around, and CALSORB promises to be an easy and effective means of prevention and treatment of what can be a debilitating and life threatening syndrome.

Brett Jones
Wyong Equine Clinic
T:  02 4353 5929


Steven Burridge Racing Stables - Singapore

"Many years ago I was very fortunate to be able to be introduced to Dr Jenny Stewart. Her knowledge with regards to horse nutrition has been the subject of many interesting discussions between us and I feel that I have been able to greatly improve the feeding regime and nutritional input to our racehorses here in Singapore. The humidity in the tropics is an extremely stressful environment for horses and Jenny has been intrinsic to the huge improvement we have seen in the behavior, well being and fitness of our horses. Jenny has her finger on the pulse of equine nutrition and thankfully has the drive to share her knowledge and pass it on to the equine industry" ...

Steven Burridge
+65 91731477


Steven Roberts, BVSc

"As a long time endurance vet & occasional competitor, I fully appreciate the importance of correct mineral intake in the development & maintenance of strong, healthy bones & joints that are able to withstand the extreme demands of our sport. Endurance horses have millions of stride repetitions over their career, necessitating sound bone structure.

In the ACT & surrounding regions, most of the soils & hence pastures have marginal mineral deficiencies, and on my property, low calcium in particular. I was very grateful to have as a friend & colleague one of Australia's foremost equine nutritionists Dr Jennifer Stewart, whose dedication & competence in this field is well known. The Calsorb block that Jennie formulated, initially as a prevention & treatment for big head disease, also provides & very useful, balanced mineral supplement for my paddocked horses, helping to correct the marginal deficiencies in their pasture. This is an effective & convenient way to manage their needs when they are not receiving any hand feeding. The comparison of the Calsorb formulation with known horse requirements shows that it is the best formulated mineral supplement block available.”" ...

Steven Roberts, BVSc


Doug English B.V.Sc.

I have known and worked with Dr Jennie Stewart for about 30 years and can certify her high standards of integrity as a person and as a veterinarian; and her also wide scope of equine knowledge both practical and scientific.

Calcium is a major nutrient requirement for all animal species and, as well as common outright deficiency in the particular environment, absorption is also very often blocked by factors in the feed such as high levels of phosphates as occurs in grains and grain by-products, oxalates in a lot of grasses particularly tropical ones. This results in weak bones and degeneration of joints with various types of arthritis. Calcium is also a very important ion involved in contraction of muscles. Pregnancy imposes a large drain on body calcium stores. Every animal needs to maintain a positive calcium balance in the food every day otherwise leaching of Ca++ from the bones will occur.

Doug English B.V.Sc.
Marlin Coast Vets, Aropa Street, Trinity Beach QLD 4878
T: 07 4057 6033   E:


Emeritus Professor Reuben Rose DVSc PhD DipVetAn, FRCVS

"I have known Dr Jennie Stewart for over 30 years and am pleased to endorse the work that she does in the area of nutrition of horses. Jennie has international research experience in horse medicine and expertise in horse nutrition, ration formulation and supplementation."

Emeritus Professor
Reuben Rose


Associate Professor Allan Davie

"I have been privileged to be associated with Dr Jennie Stewart for over ten years. During this time I have developed the greatest admiration for her dedication to the Veterinary profession.

Dr Stewart and I have been involved in several international lecture tours together, during which I have seen her capacity for translating and delivering the latest scientific information to the variety of audiences. She has a unique knowledge base of the Veterinary and Nutrition disciplines and this wonderful ability to communicate and translate information to all levels within the audience is one of her greatest strengths.

Further to this Dr Stewart and I have worked together on several research projects within the Veterinary field and we have co-authored different literature reviews and papers.  She has a brilliant scientific mind with the capacity to expand this knowledge across several disciplines and a unique talent for integrating information and applying it in practice for the welfare of horses."

Associate Professor Allan Davie
Equine Exercise Physiologist, School Health and Human Sciences


Helden Park Stud

I have known Dr. Jennifer Stewart for over 30 years, not only on a professional level but a personal level also. I have entrusted my horses into her care which has been exceptional. She has guided me with nutritional programmes and her practical care has been outstanding.

I have had experience with kikuyu pastures and bighead myself many years ago with my own horses, and thank goodness for veterinarians such as Dr. Stewart who have taken the time to think problems through such as bighead, and can guide us and produce products to help reverse imbalances such as these, that horses grazing on some of our pastures in this country can have causing major problems as is explained in Dr. Stewarts article on bighead in the Hoofbeats Magazine.

I have some idea of the time and thought and research that is taken, my own father Dr. Len Hart being a leader in his field in veterinary bacteriology (specialising in poultry diseases) in this country and travelled the world lecturing as is Dr. Stewart which is a good mix of teaching and learning in this profession as with any.

I very much appreciate the care that is taken and also being able to access this knowledge and experience and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending any product that Dr. Stewart is instrumental in producing, such as her calcium blocks.

Ms Helen Hart
Helden Park Stud, LOCHINVAR NSW
Breeder of thoroughbreds and show horses for 25 years.