Announcing changes to Calsorb® and Dr Jennifer Stewart's Bone Formula®

Stewart Veterinary Services are pleased to announce some exciting changes in our product line and distribution.

Since arriving in the market place some eight years ago we have received fantastic ongoing feedback and support for our flagship products: Calsorb® mineral block and Dr Jennifer Stewart’s Bone Formula®. Forty years of experience and research knowledge went into the initial development of these products and now, after collating data and feedback since their release, we are ready to move forward with our next stage of development.

Over the past twelve months we have been reworking our formulae, improving and fine-tuning the science in order to more closely match the individual requirements of horses in situations which are both broad and wide- ranging – ultimately bringing good science to the fed bins of horses.

Whilst Stewart Veterinary Services will still exist, our products will now be branded under our new banner, Jenquine, where Dr Stewart will bring science to your feed bin.

From July of this year our current Bone Formula will be replaced with the new and improved double strength, Dr Jennifer Stewart’s Bone Formula® Forte. Based on ongoing research conducted with both horse owners and veterinarians, the mineral levels, ratios and chelated calcium inputs have been either increased or adjusted to enable an adaptive, flexible feeding rate to suit the needs of each individual horse. Analysis and research has also led to changes in our Calsorb® block which now has an increase in minerals and will be available as Calsorb® Forte in 20kg and a handy 2kg block – perfect for smaller properties and stabled horses. Bone Formula Forte will now be available in 5kg and 10kg buckets.

Our distribution arrangements are changing and we are extremely happy to announce that AIRR and Cenvet are coming on board, enabling us to reach into almost every corner of Australia. Please refer to contacts page for distributor details. We take this opportunity to acknowledge Furneys Stockfeeds role in helping to establish our products in the equine market and we thank them for their support and service over the years.

The new products will be available to order from July 18, 2016 with estimated delivery the end of July, early August.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Bringing Science to Your Feed Bin